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What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that is designed to help you understand your authentic energy using your birth date, exact birth time and birth place. You can think of Human Design as a blueprint of how your energy interacts with others and the world.

The goal of Human Design is to understand more about how you naturally came into the world so that you can work with your energy as you move through life. If you find yourself fighting your life, it could be a clue that you’re not living in alignment with your natural flow of energy.

The work of Human Design is always peeling back the layers of conditioning from society, parents, guardians, teachers, schools, institutions etc, so that you can live in alignment with how YOU were designed. It can also point you in the direction of things you need to learn in this life. There are millions of Human Design combinations, so this is not a personality test. It is a very specific energetic outline for you.

Human Design should not feel like someone is telling you something new, it should feel like a you are coming home to yourself. 

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Initial Reading

Initial readings are 90 minutes in length. This is because we go DEEP. In this reading, we're going to cover the major parts of your Human Design Chart, including your:
  • Energy Type - in detail
  • Strategy (how life communicates with you)
  • Authority (how you make decisions)
  • Defined and Undefined Centres (think of these like chakras and they tell us whether specific energy comes internally or if we get it externally)
  • Channels (where your energy points connect to create an amplified effect)
  • Major Gates (aspects of energy or gifts that are inherent)

If the above feels like a lot, don't worry! I'll explain it all and, as this is your session, we can go at whatever pace feels most comfortable for you.

The most important part is how we use this information to embody your design. As a helpful takeaway, you'll get access to download a recording of our session and a tailored Human Design summary for you to refer back to again and again.

Pricing & Payment

For an initial session, your investment is AUD $250. For a limited time, take $50 off of your first session with us.

A payment link will be sent to you upon booking in your time.

All payments are due prior to your initial session. Failure to complete payment prior to your session will result in your booking being rescheduled. 

About your reader

Jordanna is our Stevie Aura Founder and has been offering Human Design readings since 2020. Here's her story in her own words:

Jordanna Human Design Reader and Stevie Aura founder

"Before I found out about Human Design, I would consume hours and hours of personal development and spirituality content, constantly try to find the key that would unlock my version of success. It was the age old hustle story. I would take pride in how hard I was pushing myself in pursuit of some external goal that would help to validate my self worth. I always thought something was wrong with me because the harder I worked, the more unhappy and disconnected I became.

After discovering my Human Design, I instantly breathed a sigh of relief. It felt like I had been truly seen for the first time in my life. Almost like a coming home to myself after all those years of pushing against my energy. Over the last 3 years of leaning into my Design, my life has opened up with so much more alignment and ease. I no longer feel like I need to fight against my life. I can finally flow with it and co-create my reality.

During our readings, I'll focus on helping you to work with your life force energy rather than against it. You'll leave with easy and practical takeaways that can help you to immediately start to embody your unique Design."

What happens next?

For those interested in a secondary reading & embodiment services, be sure to click the button below and we'll be in touch shortly.

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