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Initial Human Design Reading - 90 minutes

limited edition pieces
elevated pieced mase from certified natural fibres
slow, circular fashion
Initial readings are 90 minutes in length. This is because we go DEEP. In this reading, we're going to cover the major parts of your Human Design Chart, including your:
  • Energy Type - in detail
  • Strategy (how life communicates with you)
  • Authority (how you make decisions)
  • Defined and Undefined Centres (think of these like chakras and they tell us whether specific energy comes internally or if we get it externally)
  • Channels (where your energy points connect to create an amplified effect)
  • Major Gates (aspects of energy or gifts that are inherent)

If the above feels like a lot, don't worry! I'll explain it all and, as this is your session, we can go at whatever pace feels most comfortable for you.

The most important part is how we use this information to embody your design. As a helpful takeaway, you'll get access to download a recording of our session and a tailored Human Design summary for you to refer back to again and again.